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K9 Ninjas

Here is another K9 Ninja video by Phoenix: Phoenix is a K9 Ninja!

Are you looking for something to take your dog to the next level? Something that combines all the excitement of dog agility, the flexibility of dog parkour and the challenge of K9 training?  If all of this sounds appealing to you then K9 Ninjas is the sport for you!

This extreme new dog sport brings all the dog sports together in a progressive and challenging format. K9 Ninjas is based on a solid foundation that teaches your dog how to utilize their body correctly and safely.  Building on balance skills, body control, obedience, strength and confidence your dog is taught how to maneuver themselves utilizing their natural power and strength.

K9 Ninjas utilizes natural obstacles found in your everyday life like trees, rocks and walls, as well as man-made obstacles specifically built for this sport. Obstacles will allow for dogs of all sizes to participate.  Safety is the number one priority when teaching our dogs how to use their bodies to jump, climb and balance through anything put in front of them.  Great conditioning and confidence are the outcome as well as extreme fun!

Pre-requisites:  Dogs must be healthy, sound and at least one year old to get on full equipment. Younger dogs may participate with limitations until they are of age. Dogs must have a good obedience foundation or be working on one to enroll in the class.  A sit, down, come and stay will be needed for coursework, additional obedience will be taught during the course.

Aggressive dogs may not attend in a class setting, but can join the sport through private lessons in hopes of working through their issues and gaining confidence to join the class at a later date.

K9 Ninjas is a brand-new sport based out of South Carolina.  We want to expand this sport to become a titling sport with multi-tiers and levels.  We look forward to growing it starting here at VIP Dog Sports.

We are really excited to watch and follow along with the new TV show on A&E for America’s Top Dog!