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Adult / Family Dog

Adult Dog Foundations

Dogs – 6 months and up

Dogs that are 6 months old and older are completely trainable and we love to work with these puppies and dogs! We separate out this age group so that we can concentrate on things that are most important to you.  These dogs may have acquired some habits that do not fit well with your household.  We may be looking at some common behaviors that we do not like, or some behavioral concerns that need some extra attention.  We like to work this age group in private lessons.

We know that your time is important and we want to be efficient with your time and your training. Offering training for your older puppy or adult dog as a private lesson is a very effective and efficient choice.  We are able to concentrate on the concerns that are most important to you right away and get you started on solutions.

Group lessons require us to divide up our time to help solve general dog issues as well as help everyone with their specific needs.  Offering private lessons allows you to completely utilize your lesson time on only those things that pertain to you.