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VIP Policies

Policies & Conditions – Updated as of Jan 2023


Credits & Refunds:

For Classes

There are no credits or refunds for missed classes. If class was cancelled by VIP, it will be rescheduled or credited based on availability for a reschedule

For Private Lessons – Individual Lessons and Packages.

Individual Lesson

When you purchase a private lesson that time spot is reserved for you and we will hold that spot.  If you need to cancel, there are no refunds.   If you need to reschedule more than once, your lesson will be forfeited. 

 If you need to reschedule, there is a $10 rescheduling fee that must be paid before the lesson reschedule can be confirmed.  If there is no place to reschedule you up to two weeks out you will receive a refund less $10 rescheduling fee and PayPal fees.

Lessons that are canceled less than 24 Hours in advance are forfeited. 


The private lessons package must be scheduled and paid for up front. All the lessons need to be completed by the package expiration date. The package expiration date is the date of the last lesson in the package that has been scheduled.

There are limited private lesson spots and once your lessons are scheduled it is difficult to change or reschedule them so please try to make it to your scheduled lesson. If you must reschedule, you will need to check with the instructor to see if there is a spot for you to move to before the package expiration date and there will be a $10.00 reschedule fee. If the instructor does not have any available time slot to fit your schedule in that week, the lesson will be forfeited.  If you miss the last lesson of your scheduled package, it must be made up in the following week. If there are no places to reschedule, the lesson will be forfeited. The rescheduling charge will need to be paid before a rescheduled lesson can be confirmed or it will be forfeited..

We understand that things happen, people get sick, dogs get sick but these lesson spots cannot easily be filled last minute as we book out weeks in advance and turn people away once these spots are filled.  Please stick to your lesson date best you can, if that is not possible you may need to be prepared to forfeit one of your lessons.  The instructors will work with you the best they can, but please try to make it to these lessons as scheduled.

Lessons that are canceled less than 24 Hours in advance are forfeited. 


Payment for the new month is due on week 3 of your current month.  This allows us to know who will be continuing and if we have any openings for people awaiting a spot. The monthly schedule is on the website so you will know what week we are on.  Payments made after week 3 will have a $10.00 late charge added.


Come Prepared: 

Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your class time. If you do arrive earlier, please wait in your car before coming to set up your crate, change your shoes and get your rewards ready.  No dogs are allowed to be in crates without a mat, pad or bedding.  You Must supply a blanket or mat for your crate.


People Clothing/attire:

Proper attire is very important!  Sports shoes are required – no sandals, backless shoes, boots, open toed shoes or bare feet are allowed. Shoes much be clean. We want to preserve our flooring best we can so please make sure your shoes are clean of any debris or wetness. You MUST have a clean pair of shoes specific for training in the arena or the building. It is a good idea to have a designated pair of shoes specifically for working in the building.    If we notice that your shoes have wetness or debris on them, you will be asked to step out.  Pants must fit correctly and stay in place.  No one appreciates pants that slip down allowing your panties or bare bottom to show.  Wear a belt if needed.  Please wear shirts that cover your entire torso.  There is a lot of movement and bending in agility, cleavage and midriffs should be covered.  Pin your hair out of your face and long hair should be pulled back.


Dog Attire/Rewards:

Dogs should wear flat collars – no choke chains, pinch collars or electronic collars. Collars should not have any attachments on them (no i.d. tags or dangling things). Bring a 6′ leash – leather or thick nylon preferred.  No chain or retractable leashes allowed.  No leashes with attachments on them (no poop bags holders or plastic handles).

Toys are encouraged – ropes, balls, squeaky toys, anything they like.  Do not bring toys that are broken or that allow pieces of the toy to fall all over the floor.

Treats are necessary (ie Bon Bites available from us) – please pick small, soft, yummy and smelly.  Do not bring treats that are greasy or will crumble or shred onto the floor.  Pick something of higher value than kibble.  Quartered hot dogs, Zukes, Bil Jak treats etc are wonderful. You can purchase precooked chicken strips that can cut up easy or pre cooked diced ham is also a good one.   Easy to keep in your freezer in a pinch.


Cell Phones/Video Taping:

Cell phones are not allowed in the building if the ringer is on or if you use it to talk on during your class. You may have your cell phone if you would like to take a picture of your dog or to video tape your run.  You may video tape YOUR dog ONLY.  Do not video tape the instructor, the instruction or other dogs runs unless you have special permission. * Please let us know if there is an emergency or urgent reason you may need your phone on you during a class, exceptions can be made for these reasons.



This is a non-smoking facility – Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the facility property.


Leash Dogs At All Times:

Dogs are to be leashed at all times coming from and going to the buildings and your vehicles.  Please keep your dog leashed or crated while in the training areas unless you are instructed differently.  We really want everyone to have a safe experience.


Potty Spots:

Please pick up after your dogs always.

Do not let your dog pee on anything that a human will need to touch. Do not let your dog potty on any buildings, trash cans or fences near the training areas.  Fence exception would be the area at the street.

NOTICE: If your dog potties in any of the training areas, there is a $5 charge!


Inside Facility:

Please keep your dog on leash at all times while in the facility except during your immediate lesson or class, or if instructed differently by an VIP instructor.

Please arrive a few minutes before your class begins to potty your dog, as we would like to keep down on accidents inside the facility and in the agility arena.  Feel free to leave the class anytime you feel your dog needs to go out.  You do not need to inform the instructor – just run like the wind!

** If your dog eliminates inside the building there will be a $5.00 potty clean up fee.  This donation goes directly to the maintenance people to help cover cleaning costs, clean up supplies or my coffee to help cope with said accident stress 🙂 !  PLEASE WATCH YOUR DOG AT ALL TIMES!!!


Special Requirements For The Training Floor and the Arena:

The training floor has very special matting, we would very much like to keep it nice.  Please have a special pair of shoes that are worn only inside so that you do not track mud, dirt or snow beyond the entry way of the building. Carry a towel in your training bag for clean up and paws.  Please use only “clean” toys (none that go outside or that have been outside please).  If you reward with food, please choose food rewards that do not crumble or is excessively greasy. All dogs are either crated or on leash at all times unless working.  Please help keep the matting pleasant for everyone!



Liquids Indoors:

No liquids other than water are allowed inside the building or in the fenced training areas. NO Individual water bowls are allowed in the crates – they almost always end up spilled! Individual water bowls will be kept in the front of the arena and outside of the training floor.

Use Of Facility Equipment and Practice Times:

Anyone who is in level 1 or above is welcome to come out and practice at the VIP facility anytime the buildings or arenas are not in use.  Only VIP enrolled people and dogs are allowed to use the facility.  The fee is $10.00 for 1/2 an hour.  If you have two dogs then it is $10.00 each for one hour.  You may partner up with someone to practice with you and that will be $10.00 each for one hour.  To come out and practice send an email to Katrina or Katelyn to verify availability.  If you do not get a response, assume it is available.  Please sign-in in the binder and leave your payment in the “kitty” jar. Turn off all lights and heaters when you leave and make sure doors are securely closed (do not lock any doors).  If you moved or brought equipment out to practice on, please make sure it is placed back where you found it.  Feel free to bring equipment out if it is not already out, but make sure it gets put away when you are done.

Class Times:

On class nights please do not use any of the equipment that may be on the facility floor unless given permission by your instructor.  This rule applies before, during and after all classes.  Class days/times is for working on the items that your instructor wants you to work on.  Please do not go off and work  on your own while it is someone else’s turn.  You should be listening and observing during your class time.  Private practice time is not before, during, or after class unless you have special permission.

** If after class you would like to work on something special please ask your instructor if it is okay.  Don’t assume that your class time extents out past class times. If you have permission to work on something after class keep it short. If you need further practice, you are encouraged to come for private practice.


Sick, Injured or Dogs In Heat:

Please let VIP know as soon as possible.  If your dog is coughing, please do not bring your dog to class. If you or your dog gets injured, VIP may freeze your class status and may pro-rate the month you return. No credits will be given – but the money already paid may go toward your returning month if not used.  This will be looked at on a “case by case” manner and as space allows, this is an instructor decision.

If your dog goes into heat you may come to class with your dog in panties. Keep in mind that some female dogs do not like to work with panties on.  You may certainly come to class without your dog to keep up on what is being taught.



Well behaved children are always welcome at VIP – If you are working in the training lab, please bring something quiet for your children to do (please do not leave them unsupervised at any time.  Children need to be in the same building or area as you. Parents are responsible for their children at all times while at the facility.



Well behaved spectators are always welcome at VIP.  Please follow all the facility rules while you are visiting. Leave any unregistered dogs or extra dogs at home for your visit.

Please let VIP staff know when a visitor is coming with you!

VIP does its best to secure spots for students when it can, but please remember this is a business, and we cannot hold spots that are not paid for in classes that are full.  If your dog is injured, you are injured, your dog goes into heat and you want to hold your spot, it must be paid for. There are no credits given once the month has started. If a situation occurs, please speak with your instructor to see if something can be worked out.  We will do our best to work with you.

At VIP we take your privacy seriously and do not share your information:
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