VIP Dog Sports, 112 Central Road, Central, SC 29630 - Phone: 864.770.7772
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Dog Training Center in Central, South Carolina

See below for the services we offer, from Agility and K9 Ninjas, to Puppy Foundations and Problem Solving.

Odor searching fun for your dog!

Teach your dog how to search for specific odors for fun or for competition. Great for dogs of any age or ability!

Dog Agility - Beginner to Competition

We specialize in the popular sport of agility. We offer foundation classes and master level training, as well as everything in between.

K9 Ninjas

Combines all the excitement of dog agility, the flexibility of dog parkour and the challenge of K9 training.

Puppy Foundations

Here you learn how setting good habits and stopping undesirable behaviors right from the beginning will set you up for success with your puppy!

Adult / Family Dogs

Resolving common behavior problems and undesirable habits.

Trick Training

Your dog is capable of learning and doing so much and through tricks training you will see just how smart they are.

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