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Puppy Foundations

Puppies – 10 weeks through 5 months

Your puppy needs to know so many things to fit into your family and to be a loved and welcome member of your household, this is the best age to set up the necessary foundation for them.  Start now and give your puppy a paw up on setting good habits and stopping undesirable behaviors right from the beginning.  Building a bond and a relationship with your puppy is what we specialize in and it is very important to raising a puppy into a well-adjusted adult dog. We will be covering the basics of what we feel are the most important foundations for your family and your puppy to know.

This training is done in a group setting with small classes.  This type of setting is good for puppies as it allows them to learn how to focus and work around other puppies and people.

Private lessons are also a good option to work through the foundations with a little more focus on those topics that are most important to you.  Our instructors have their own personal dogs that they use when needed for additional distractions or socializing needs.

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