Laurie & Tibbs

Katrina and Katelyn have been lifesavers for myself and my Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Mr. Tibbs.  I came to them over 4 years ago after taking Tibbs to 3 other obedience trainers.  Granted, I am partially to blame for dropping out of the others, but I wasn’t getting the results I needed.  All I wanted to do was be able to walk Tibbs around our country neighborhood and not get dragged or have to just drop his leash and let him go if he saw a deer or a loose dog.  Five minutes with Katrina and my problem was solved.  She took one look at him and got him fitted in a “gentle leader”.  No one else had ever mentioned that to me.  After that I gained confidence and enjoyed our walks.  We went on to their agility classes and we had so much fun.  Tibbs and I bonded in those classes.  They definitely understand dogs and are able to work with you through any problems.  Finding them changed our life for the better.  I now have Rudy the rescue beagle enrolled in agility with Katelyn and it is amazing to watch him learn and understand thanks to their teaching methods.


Laurie, Mr. Tibbs and Rudy