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In 1998, when her advanced obedience students took an interest in agility, they asked her if she would teach it – so began a new venture. There weren’t too many opportunities back then in her area to take lessons but she took what she could, read every book, magazine and article she could find, attended any agility seminars that were available, and started showing her students what she learned. She is a true believer in continuous education and is always in a state of learning the newest training techniques and methods. Myth has it that Katrina Scott began her dog-training career at the young age of two when her parents bought her a tea cup poodle. At twelve she trained and showed her mom’s Irish Setter in obedience. At 18 she started her own dog-training business providing private lessons, behavioral evaluations, modifications and rescue dog temperament and placement evaluations.


Teaching family dog obedience classes, working with the local shelters, and providing evaluation and training for local rescue organizations and working with so many different breeds provided a wonderful education and allowed her to gain a very broad training knowledge of many breeds.


Katrina has a keen eye for the detail to improve a team’s performance regardless of venue. She addresses issues based on individual team needs and requirements, not those of a particular method or handling system. She is a true teacher and coach. Not only is she a proven competitor, but a solid instructor, with a clear vision of each individual team. So many trainers are very successful in the sport but fail when it comes to conveying the information to a team. Katrina is the best of both worlds – a top-notch performer, and a sophisticated trainer; able to deliver her knowledge to her students and help them reach their true potential.


Most recently Katrina has joined the OneMind Dogs as an Instructor to help pass on the wonderful training in-sight that OneMind Dogs brings to the agility world. If you are not familiar with OneMind Dogs, click on their link below and visit their website https://www.oneminddogs.com/

Here are some videos of when Katrina nearly won the 16″ division at AKC Nationals, instead placing 5th with a bobble in the finals.