Lisa Augustine

Why Katrina and Katelyn are so great? I trained with them for 18 years and they made me a better person. How? Through their positive approach to training and endless support. I learned that the fundamentals are key. Without a solid base, like positive practices, training cannot move forward. Yet I think the most essential and life changing training technique, which VIPdogsports provides, is “shaping.” Allowing the dog to process and understand and then make choices based on their very own thinking. Wow, it is beautiful to behold.
But back to the beginning, 18 years ago when I started my journey with them. I had finally found a training facility that truly provided individual attention. We as students were not handled as a group but as individuals. Katrina could always see our individual needs. It was as though there was no one else in the room when it was my turn to run.
Katelyn, as a five year old, was in my very first agility class and she was awesome then! Both Katrina and Katelyn have loved and trained dogs since childhood. That kind of experience is priceless.
VIPdogsports has the positive approach to reinvent you and your relationship with your dog and all the basics of life.